Time is gold, what are you doing with yours?

We make follow-up easy.

Have all your tasks, reminders and touch base points. Never loose an important appointment, errand or favour again.

Improve visibility Over Your Clients.

Handle all your clients, emails, notes, attachments and projects in one simple platform which you can sync and access across your desktop, laptop and smartphone.

Eliminate Mistakes

Seamless accounting, accurate sales reports, calendars without overlaps. Let the systems do the calculations for you and with you.

Maximize Software And Systems Usage - CRM & ERP

Place the mechanic work on autopilot. Integrate the programs you use under one control. Share instructions, calendars and communication with selected individuals.

Comply With Deadlines

Plan and track assignments by using your schedule in a realistic way. End the practice of transferring unfinished jobs to the next day and the next.

Cut Unnecessary Admin Tasks And Costs

With your workflow streamlined, you will not be duplicating work. Use your team for those things only humans should do and assign the menial duties to technology.

Gain control of your desk, store or shop.

It is easier than you think.


Your one-stop shop for business operations and administration solutions.

Structural Optimized Solutions

We don’t tell you how to become efficient. We make you efficient.
Tangibly show you and get you to a place you can do it yourself!

Operations efficiency experts empowering small and medium-sized businesses with the processes and automation to get them to the next level of profitability.

35 years of experience working in every department..

Improve Your Workflow

  • We eliminate unnecessary administration in your workflow.
  • Procure and implement the tools that will save you time, increase productivity,cut costs.
  • Reduce standard run of the mill workload
  • We understanding the frustration and hearts of the people doing the grunt work and the tasks that are repetitive and routine to find a faster and better way to do it.


  • 3 to 50 employees.
  • Supply chain management with high number of SKUs.
  • Service-based business with growing administration demands.
  • Mobile services.
  • Companies looking for financing to grow.
  • Businesses preparing for sale.
  • Companies that recognize need for improvement but have been putting it off.

Absolutely terrific. Office SOS’s thorough research, knowledge and grasp on business issues is extraordinary.

I could not believe someone from outside could know so much on how to improve our business, processes, … I look forward to working with Carol for years to come building an even stronger foundation for our growth. Marvelous work Office SOS, could not have been happier.

Ari Momeni – Pics Alive

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