Emergency Admin Services

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SCENARIO 1:  Your long-time admin assistant just handed you their two weeks notice or is retiring but you don’t really know everything they’re doing and how to do their work.

SCENARIO 2:  You’re busy running your business but your paperwork is backed up because you don’t know everything you need to do to run the back office.

SCENARIO 3:  You have an administrative position that you’ve been trying to fill for a long time but you can’t seem to keep someone in the role.


SOLUTION 1:  Minimum 3 months, billed on actual hours worked, 20-40 hours/week initially, 10-20 hours/week once tasks have been streamlined and during training

  1. Job shadow your current admin to learn their everyday tasks and the company-specific situations and responses
  2. Document the process and tools that they are using while researching the tools to look for ways to streamline the work and automate repetitive tasks
  3. Help do the work during the transition while you hire your new staff to prove and ensure we’re doing the work correctly and to minimize a backlog
  4. Provide the training material and side-by-side training for your new staff while assisting with the work so that there’s a smoother transition.

SOLUTION 2: Minimum 1 month, billed on actual hours worked, 20-40 hours/week

  1. Conduct a 1-day assessment to see what is your current process and to see your goals for your company
  2. Evaluate the different systems you need to get set up and provide you with a quote to set them up
  3. Test out the system to ensure it would work well with your business and to clear some of your backlog work
  4. Provide training materials and train you and your newly hired staff on the process.

SOLUTION 3:  Minimum 1 month, billed on actual hours worked 20-40 hours/week

  1. Assume the role and train with the different trainers while researching the tools used to better understand the different tasks and responsibilities of the role
  2. Help document the process and create training materials for the role.
  3. Advise if there are any other reasons that may be preventing the role from being filled
  4. Assist with the training of the new staff if required.


  1. Access to all staff that may have knowledge to the process
  2. Access to all applications and tools relevant to the position
  3. Preferred hours: 10AM-4PM
  4. Consultation with Key Decision Maker on process to be implemented.

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A generalist knows less and less about more and more until thy know nothing about everything.
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