Pain Points & FAQ

You’ve been doing things the same way for year sand recognize it is time for a change. You’ve heard many ideas and suggestions about what systems to implement but are not sure which way to go.

You’re Only As Good As Your Weakest Link

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Operations

Any single one will affect the other two.
But which one is easier to control?
[pick one, right wrong answer]
Correct answer:
“Correct! It is also the most overlooked one.”

The Four Biggest Fallacies In Operations Today

  • That there will always be things you have to do and you’ll never be able to drop from your work desk.
  • That because you have a work system you have to work more.
  • That if you’re not there the business won’t run properly.
  • I can’t afford the price of time and money to implement change.

Why We Like Small Business

Big businesses love small business ideas: customization, cost-effectiveness, growth targets, dedicated customer service.

Small business have the vision and the heart, they can now afford the efficiency.

Common Work Inefficiency In Offices

17 reasons companies fall behind (but who’s counting?)

  • Where is the enjoyment?You used to like your business more than you do now.
    Cause:  The excitement of something new is gone, but you still have the busy work.
  • You spend more time on tedious tasksthan working on what you love.
    Cause:  Your process to handle the tasks are not efficient, or you’re trying to do everything yourself
  • You take more than 24 hours to answera client or prospect.
    Cause:  You don’t have a system for follow-ups, or you’re too busy
  • Your product is selling at capacity, but your profitsare dwindling.
    Cause:  You’re wasting too much money on operations
  • Complicatedand unnecessary processes that break your workflow and stagnate productivity.
    Cause:  You haven’t adequately analyzed, organized, or optimized your workflow
  • You are not using your expensive softwareto its greater potential.
    Cause:  Lack of proper training and adoption by staff
  • You can’t get awayfrom the office, or the business won’t run properly.
    Cause:  Micromanagement, lack of reliable support, planning, or operational procedures
  • No backup; if a person is absent, nobody can handle his or her work.
    Cause:  Lack of cross-functional training, operational procedures and contingency plans
  • Duplication of work; data entered in two or more places.
    Cause: software is not integrated or transferable
  • You have not followed upwith your contacts in months.
    Cause:  Lack of planning or automated scheduling of tasks
  • Staff is wasting time and making mistakes with excessive manual data entry.
    Cause:  Not fully trained on how to best utilize technology, lack of software integration
  • Everyone is busy, but you don’t see enough results.
    Cause:  Your whole administrative SPINE needs an adjustment.
  • Information is all in your head.
    Cause:  Lack of proper documentation and communication
  • You need more than 30 minutes to find a fileor document.
    Cause:  Lack of organization in your filing system with naming protocols and structure
  • File managementnightmares; everyone has their version of the same file in their computers.
    Cause:  Lack of utilization and procedures regarding file management
  • You’re using your email as storagefor documents or contacts.
    Cause:  You don’t have a proper CRM, or you’re not using it properly
  • You don’t know which versionof a file or message is the latest one.
    Cause:  Lack of filing protocol
Do you have more than three?
It would help if you had an office assessment.