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Trouble growing business further?

Your business has hit a plateau.

You don’t have enough staff to handle your growth. They are stuck in menial repetitive work.

Back office tasks are choking your schedule every week.

Automate your operations

Simplify your work with the latest solutions that you can begin using immediately.

Put your routine on autopilot and focus on what you do best in your business.

Automate your sales cycle, reach more people and turn your contacts into contracts.

Boost your efficiency

Put 2-5 hours per week back in your calendar; use it for creative work, your family or yourself.

Become competitive, improve your revenue and scale your business.

Automate your business. You can’t afford not to.

CRM PLATINUM – Semi-Automated Follow-up

Description: Full CRM Enterprise Edition Office Suite.

You are: a businesses 1-3 years old wanting active client interaction and to double your revenue.

Services included

  • Full CRM Enterprise Edition Set-up
  • Workflow standard automation.
  • Up to 10 customized layout fields.
  • Up to 5 customized e-mail templates.
  • System Implementation
  • Beginner’s course on CRM usage.
  • Introduction to integrated products and services.


  • Eliminate the stress of handling multiple urgent tasks.
  • Never go 24 hours without following up.
  • Stay in the workflow and rest more.
  • Use the time to grow your business.
  • We do in 5 hours what would take you 5 days.


You use a system fully adaptable to the way you want to run your company (and not one that tells you how to run it), making it possible for you to scale the business.


  • Setup of licensed CRM.
  • Unlimited contacts capacity.
  • Fully integrated apps.
  • Desktop + Mobile setup.
  • Calendar sync.
  • Card scanner app.
  • Access to 40+ Enterprise Editions of Apps (including: Bookkeeping Tools, Project Management, Campaigns, Web Conferencing)
  • File management and sharing
  • Perpetual comp to “Follow-up Guru Seminars”.

one time setup fee + $50/mo licence



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80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact (not a drip campaign).
We’ll tell you how to get there in 15 minutes!


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