About Us

When a man gives you his money he gives you his money. When he gives you his time he gives you a part of his life.
Ken Harrelson

Carol De Campos

With everything in life, there is often a “why” to the philosophy of how we do what we do.Carol has always done lifedifferently than those around her.

Andy De Campos

I’ve had 30 different addresses throughout my life; most of them before the age of 35.
My dad was a University professor…

David Schirmer

David for Saint Gobain who in their NA gypsum division followed a World Class Mindset. WCM is a mindset that starts with the intuitive and then strives…

A specialist knows more and more about less and less topics until they know everything about nothing.
A generalist knows less and less about more and more until thy know nothing about everything.
Our team has both categories.