Carol De Campos

With everything in life, there is often a “why” to the philosophy of how we do what we do.
Carol has always done life differently than those around her.

As a young child, Carol immigrated with her family from Hong Kong and spent two years as an ESL student before graduating the ESL program only to move into the Enhanced program just one year later. The promotion to the Enhanced program was very instrumental to Carol’s life as depression hit her in her preteen and teen years due to the loss of her mother. Although she had dropped out of school for 2.5 years, the schools allowed her to move into the next grades because of her enhanced status and ability to learn and adapt very quickly.

While she struggled to fight the depression, she encountered many people that didn’t understand or take the time to truly understand what was going on while she herself was at a loss to the root causes of her problems. However, she had a determination to not let the issues in her life hold her back, and she fought and developed systems to help her deal with the depression and, eventually, completely overcome the depression.

Through her experience with depression and dropping out of school, Carol saw the value of planning ahead and the need for customized and creative solutions in everyday life. She understood the relationship between feeling overwhelmed and depressed and the dangers of pushing herself too hard, so she carefully crafted and plotted out her last three years of high school to balance fun electives – like Automotive Repairs – with work intensive courses – like Philosophy. She found great solace within the tech community as she engaged in social media when it was a virtual unknown. She also saw the importance of finding the right service providers and working with people where they are at.

Carol returned to school and graduated on time while making considerable contributions to her school’s Model United Nations Club due to her analytical, technical, and administrative skills. Her succession planning within the club allowed it to continue running for more than seven years after her graduation and with the two faculty advisor changes.

In the same manner, Office SOS was designed to thoroughly investigate the root causes of administrative pain before making quick judgement calls on issues within an office. By taking the time to properly analyze the “as-is” state, Office SOS can help with the back-end planning and work to ease the administrative stress. We work with companies to the level of change that they are comfortable with to ensure that changes taking place are effective and sustainable in the long term.